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The Corner of Death: Czechoslovaks in the Second World War

The Corner of Death is presented to you in honor of the 100th anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia (28th October 1918). The novel is based on true events with an extensive non-fiction background aimed at military history of the Second World War and the role Czechoslovakia played in it. The main story line evolves around a strong Slovak female character that goes through fighting on the Eastern Front to ultimately reunite with her love and fight the enemy at home. The Corner of Death explains in detail the birth of and hardships Czechoslovakia had to go through throughout its existence with a deeper focus on the Second World War and the aftermath that followed. A significant part of the book is dedicated to war events in Slovakia and its Liptov region. This novel is definitely suitable for "war geeks", but also to the wider public that is interested in the Second World War, the Eastern Front and the role of smaller countries that performed great deeds to defeat the common enemy. It will be especially interesting for Brits, French, Germans, Poles, Russians, Ukrainians, Czechs, Slovaks and Americans, because the book goes deeper in telling stories of events connected with these nations. The Corner of Death is suitable for children, but it does not idealize war and it shows it as it really was... a horrible part of human history. This novel is strongly antifascist and anticommunist, it shows what war heroes did and how they were treated after the war, which will be a shocker for the reader. As history was falsified for four decades of socialism in Czechoslovakia, I considered it my duty to work hard, perform an extensive research and create this book to set things straight, to tell you the story of the country I was born in, stories of heroes that were never truly honored and show that once upon a time, there was a small democratic country that wanted nothing more than its freedom and it fought hard to regain it back.

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Fire Worshipers: Samo's Empire

Fire Worshipers is a historical fiction novel, which was written by Vladimír OLEJ. It tells the story of the first known king of Slavic peoples, the Frankish arms trader SAMO, who was able to liberate his people and rule them through difficult times of the 7th century AD as the king of Samo's Empire. Where others would most probably fail, he was able to raise an army against an European superpower, Kingdom of the Franks, and prevail.

Title of the book is derived from an ancient connection between humans and fire. From early on it was considered as a gift from gods and its mysticity persisted within and not only Indo- European cultures. Its purpose is to insert the reader into a place and time of bygone ages, where humans were driven not only by reason and emotions, but also beliefs, myths and superstitions. And they couldn’t imagine giving up on their gods.

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